Iodine deficiency





Just drink Jodis Water – and the problem of iodine deficiency will be solved!

Because of the poor iodine value in our normal drinking water, many people suffer under the consequences of the iodine shortage.
Thyroid is in need of iodine to produce these important hormones: T3 (made out of 3 iodine ions) and T4 (made out of 4 iodine ions). The absence of iodine can cause its destabilisation which can resolve into either hyperthyroidism or thyroid hypo function.

Regulation of the function of thyroid:
Hypothalamus (a part of interbrain) excretes the neurotransmitter I(TRH) from the pituitary body. It excretes the neurotransmitter I(TSH) from the thyroid gland that delivers the hormones T3 and T4.

Thyroid hypo functions may cause:
-depressive moods
-attentiveness disorder
no symptoms
Skin, hair, nails
-dry, pale skin
-fragile nails
-raised blood lipids (fat)
-weak immune system
Heart circulation system
-low pulse
-high blood pressure
Gastrointestinal tract
-increase in weight
-libido and reproductiveness disorder
-erectile dysfunction
Bone structure
-frequent bone fractures with bad healing
Nerves and Musculature
-insecure walk
-disturbed sense of smell and taste

Jodis Water adjusts the iodine deficiency and stabilizes the thyroid. This will take care of the problems listed above.