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Are you tired, disquiet, irritable and weak?
Then you need Iodine (Jod)!!

Iodine is an essential micro-element of the human body. It is very important for the creation of the thyroid hormones, which are necessary for the activation of the whole metabolism; they also influence the temperature regulation, the immune system and the oxygen consumption of the body.

This explains how important it is to have a sufficient portion of iodine, especially during sport activities. That means that the body cannot give its best if it has an absence of iodine. The physical and mental abilities are reduced and the chance to get infected gets higher.

The absence of iodine can arise fast because there is only very little content of iodine in a staple water. Both, subterranean and drinking water contain very little iodine – that is why they are not able to cover completely the daily consumption, because there is a shortage of the microelement Iodine there.

The human body is organized to absorb iodine combined with water and save it in the thyroid.
Water is a basic element of life. Not only our planet covered with 70% water, our body consists of 70% water, too. Our brain even contains 90% water. Nothing works without iodine, just as without water: it controls the body temperature, transports nutrients to the cells and takes the products of degradation out of the body.